Our Story - Brand

The Brand

In April 2019, we launched Still Novel with our debut product, the Signature Art Print. It’s a wonderful example of how content and design can turn everyday photography into art. It represents our first step towards our ultimate goal: to make it easy (and enjoyable) to do something meaningful with the thousands of photos we take each year. We’ve got big plans for this business and are thrilled to have finally entered the marketplace.

Our Story - Story

The Story

Our company was founded by two women, Tiffany Peña and Edyn Elliott-Barber. Tiffany's professional background is in Film and Television as a camera operator and Edyn is a fine artist with a background in print design.

When we formed Still Novel, the idea was “make a better photo book”. As new moms, we had exploding camera rolls full of photos we wanted to do something meaningful with. We looked at the marketplace and couldn’t find a product that used thoughtful storytelling or content design in their offering. Our professional backgrounds made us the perfect pair to bring this concept to life. We worked backwards from the ultimate goal of a photo book and set out to create a single large format photo print that incorporated elements of story & design, transforming the photo into a work of art.

Our Story - Future

The Future

We’re growing as we go, and will continue to release new products over the course of the next year. Wondering what you should get excited about?

Additional Signature Art Prints for Wedding, Travel and Pets (woof!) Our first artist collaboration. Our Photo Book Collection (w/complete Baby, Travel, Wedding & Year in Review templates that practically assemble themselves).