The Brand

We don’t just print your photos, we bring them to life. With cameras in our pockets, we take so many photos - and it’s a wonderful thing. Apps like Instagram have taught us to notice the beauty in our everyday lives. We’re taking pictures of these little moments - the perfect cappuccino, the way our shoes contrast a patterned floor - and our kids! So many pictures of our kids. These little moments, though often insignificant, have value. Still Novel exists to be the home for these thousands of photos.

Along with our talented technical co-founders, we are building a platform that will make it easy for you to off-load the responsibility of “doing something” with your thousands of images. Our books, prints and gifts will take your photos and transform them into a place you can go to remember, to laugh and talk about the things that matter most.

Thank you for supporting the work we are doing and for allowing us to be a part of the way you remember your life.

The Story

Edyn and I met at storytime at the local library and founded Still Novel in 2014 after a series of coffee dates and chats at the park. We both had young boys and it didn’t take long before we recognized our shared love for the creative arts. We began to dream up how we could collaborate. At the time I was really determined to re-invent the photo book. I imagined a beautiful coffee table book that read like a quarterly magazine, but that the story and photos inside were my own. I was dreaming of a product that was transportive - A pretty portal to the past. Edyn totally got it. I remember her looking at me with confidence and saying, “Ok. Let's do this.” There was no turning back. We left our careers in Art & Design / Television Production to pursue Still Novel full time. It's become a magical partnership. In the way that I understand the importance of a strong narrative, Edyn understands the importance of intentional design. Things like the typography, sizing, justification of the letters and paragraphs - all the little details that for her as a designer are so important. After three years of design, research and development, we’ve launched with our first product - the Signature Art Print. We’re so proud of how beautifully the print combines photography, design and personal story. We have big plans for how this concept translates into incredible books, gifts and keepsakes.

Today, we feel like we’re onto something great; something big. We’re honored to be a part of it. It’s fun and its creative, but it's also going to change people’s lives. When the day comes that people look forward to doing something with their thousands of photos - that’ll be the day we can rest knowing we’ve done what we’ve set out to do. Xx Tiffany and Edyn

The Future

We’ve launched with our incredible Signature Art Print (which we hope you love). We’re very excited to say that this is just the beginning for us. We have so many good things coming!

Driven by our conviction that our photos ought to be printed and preserved, we’ve focused on creating a “best in tech” user experience. We can know so much about the backstory of your photographs, simply by analysis. Through metadata, image scanning, date and time stamping, we can organize and craft custom products that tell the story of the photos you take. We complete the picture so you don’t have to.

We’re growing as we go, and will continue to release new products over the course of the next year. Wondering what you should get excited about?

Additional Signature Art Prints for Wedding, Travel and Pets (woof!) Our first artist collaboration. Our Photo Book Collection (w/complete Baby, Travel, Wedding & Year in Review templates that practically assemble themselves). Lots of other top secret stuff :).

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