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What kind of customizations or edits can I make to a print?

There are several areas of each print template that are customizable! We do our best to make your print as personal as possible while also adhering to the design integrity of the print.Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions regarding a swap, edit or customization that is not listed below.

Wedding Print Template Swaps, Edits & Customizations:

If you are interested in creating a print for an unmarried couple these are the customizations we can make below. It is important to know that our prints are centered around a significant date. So as long as there is a date to create the print around. We will be sure to swap out other information accordingly.

The following are swaps and edits that can be made for a print that is intended for an unmarried, engaged couple or couple that has eloped.

Change the wedding bells to be an engagement ring graphic or heart shaped graphic.

  • Been together for: ________ (amount of time)
  • We Love: ________ (could be anything... "food", "place", "activity", etc)
  • Weather that day/night: ________
  • We celebrated with: ________ (ex: "friends", "family", "champagne", "the dog", "just us two", etc)
  • The Night Was: ________
  • Engagement Location - ________ (ex: whose house, "by the tree", etc)

Birth Stat template Swaps, Edits & Customizations:

Adoption customizations are one of the requests we have for the birth stat template. The swaps for this type of print would be swapping "you were x days early" with "you were adopted on x,x,xxxx ". If there are any other fields that do not pertain to you, let us know and we are always willing to customize those areas as well.

Some other common edit requests and swaps for the birth stat prints include editing the name that is produced at the top of the print with the name the child uses everyday (nickname, etc.) If this is an edit you need please include it in the Optional Design Note section before you checkout and we will send you a preview for your approval. :) If you want to swap in information like the child’s birth flower, please include this in the Optional Design note section as well.


Pet Print Swaps, Edits & Customizations:

For this type of customization, we ask that you purchase a framed piece. If you would rather it be art only, then we can get you a price for the additional customization.

We would need the following information (below) from you as well as for you to create the print on a Birth stat template. Once you place your order and email us the information below- we will make your edits and send you a preview for your approval.

    • First, Middle, Last Name
    • Nickname
    • Birthday OR Adoption Day
    • A special thought
    • Breed
    • Temperament (example; Sweet & Spunky)
    • Favorite Toy
    • Favorite Treat
    • Home City, State
    • Age at Adoption
    Complete the sentence:
    • "I/We met you in/at  ______  (Petco)and chose you because_______ (of your big eyes)."
    • You are _______ (a cuddler)
    • You sleep _____(under the covers)
    • You always________(Make me smile)

If you want these ANY of these edits and swaps, please do the following:

  1. Fill out every section in your print to the best of your ability in your Still Novel Account, making sure that every area is filled out.
  2. Include in the Optional Design Note section before your checkout that you would like to create a “adoption/unmarriedcouple/engagement/memorial/pet” print.
  3. Reply to the confirmation email with the edits listed above.

Once we receive your customizations and edits we will start processing your print accordingly and send you a preview for your approval. If there are any concerns or edits that you would like to make or have questions about, please reach out to us at