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What information is included in the prints?

Birth Stat Print

Our Signature Birth Stat Print tells the story of your child and their birthdate. Suitable for younger and older children.

Information included:

  • Birth Statistics (height, weight, time)
  • Moon Phase (the day born)
  • Time + location of birth
  • Eastern and western astrology
  • Birth stone and flower
  • Customized sentence for your child

All About You Print

Our Signature All About You Print celebrates the people you love at all stages of life.

Information included:

  • Name:
  • Customized sentence under the title
  • Nickname:
  • Birthday:
  • Option to include astrology or remove
  • Favorite Pastime:
  • Favorite Place:
  • Favorite Food:
  • You are known for ___________ and ___________

Wedding Print

Our Signature Wedding Print tells the story of a couple and their wedding day.

Information included:

  • Where the couple met and when they got engaged
  • Wedding details (guest count, time, location, officiant)
  • Information about the season they were married
  • The moon phase (that night)
  • A song that reminds them of the day
  • Customized sentence under the title

Travel Print

Our Signature Travel Print tells the story of an adventure and what made it unforgettable.

Information included:

  • Regional information & map
  • Trip Details (number of travelers, date range, where you stayed)
  • Information about the weather and reason for travel
  • Trip favorites
  • Customized sentence under the title