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I want to give this as a gift but I don’t know all the information.

No problem! Here is an easy list of questions to ask the person you are gifting your print to:

Topic: Birth Stat Print

  • Full birth name (first, middle, last):
  • Birth City and State:
  • Birth Date: 
  • Birth Time:
  • Due Date:
  • Birth Weight:
  • Birth Length:  

Topic: Wedding Print

  • Wedding Date:
  • Wedding Time:
  • Wedding City and State:
  • Ceremony Venue:
  • Reception Venue:
  • Officiated by:
  • Wedding Song:
  • Where the couple met:
  • The year the couple met:
  • Where the couple got engaged:
  • Engagement year:

  Topic: Travel print

  • Where did you go?:
  • How many travelers?:
  • Start date of the trip:
  • End date of the trip:
  • The weather was:
  • I/We ate:
  • I/We drank:
  • I/We wore:
  • I/We stayed:
  • I/We will never forget:
  • I/We will also never forget:
  • Favorite Spot:

Topic: All About You 
*Not age specific (can be used for memorial as well)

  • Name:
  • Nickname:
  • Birthday:
  • Option to include astrology or remove
  • Favorite Pastime:
  • Favorite Place:
  • Favorite Food:
  • You are known for ___________ and ___________