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Can I create a print about a pet?

We can absolutely create a print that is based around the story of your beloved pet.


For this type of customization, we ask that you purchase a framed piece. If you would rather it be art only, then we can get you a price for the additional customization.


We would need the following information (below) from you as well as for you to create the print on a Birth stat template. Once you place your order and email us the information below- we will make your edits and send you a preview for your approval. 


  • Full Name:
  • Birthday:
  • Location:
  • In a Word:
  • How many puppies in the litter:
  • Favorite Toy:
  • Favorite Treat :
  • Breed:
  • A special thought:
  • Litter: (amount of)
  • You are/were: (one word)
  • Temperament: (example: Gentle and playful)